Whoopsie Away that disposes of dog and other animal waste at source. This deliver a safe and clean environment for you and the animals you are responsible for.

Providing a hygienic environment for animals in your care is a top priority for kennels, dog rescue centres and military/security establishments.

Haigh offers a pet waste disposal system as a clean and energy efficient method for safely removing animal waste in accordance with current waste legislation. You’ll easily manage dog waste and no longer need to worry about the smell of bagged waste, digging trenches or segregating waste.

Whoopsie Away can be placed close to kennels or dog runs and works through maceration technology. You simply open the lid, load the dog waste, shut the lid, switch the water on and press start.

It quickly chops up and flushes animal waste directly into the sewer in around two minutes. The dilution and cutting action ensures there are no drain blockages.


  • Safety interlocked lid.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Easy control system for flexible cycle times.

Whoopsie Away is already a popular method of disposing of dog waste for the RSPCA and private kennel owners. It’s also perfect for:

  • Commercial kennels.
  • Display show grounds.
  • Animal rescue centres and charities.
  • Military and security establishments.

Whoospie-Away waste disposal machine